Hot Solutions

By Erma W.

We hear so much talk about how heat is bad for the hair, but there are times when a hot solution is favorable.  So much of avoiding heat damage involves the appliances that we use. Heating tools that are optimized to maintain hair health tend to be friendlier to our strands.  The heating appliances compiled below are some options we can use to keep our strands intact.

1.  Blow dryers:  As the prep device often used to get super-sleek or tresses, blow dryers play an integral or major role in the heat-it-up process.  A good blow dryer dries your hair without sucking out all the moisture.  It will also aid in reducing frizz.  Some blow dryers that fit the bill are FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000, T3 Feather Luxe Blow dryer, and CHI Deep Brilliance Blow Dryer.  The FHI and T3 blow dryers are lightweight and tourmaline-infused.  The tourmaline emits negative ions for fast drying and increased volume, which is great for blowout-lovers.  These blow dryers, along with the CHI Deep Brilliance blow dryer, also contain ionic and ceramic technology that seals the cuticle, reduces frizz, helps hair maintain moisture, and enhances shine.  Some naturals have mentioned that blow drying has minimized their tangles and single-strand knots.  Pick up a top-notch blow dryer (with at least 1800 watts) and see how your hair responds.

2.  Flat Irons:  If you want it straight yet stylish, flat irons are the way to go.  There are many options on the market, but not all of them are good for the hair.  Some flat irons are non-ceramic, which means that heat is not evenly distributed throughout the hair shaft.  Also, some of them do not have adjustable temperature gauges, so there is no way to control the heat output.  Heat has such a bad rap because of its ability to dry out and damage the hair.  When used correctly, heat can be the cherry on top to many styles. 

 A few flat irons that help to maximize your style power while nurturing your hair or tresses are the Croc, Sedu, HSI, and the FHI Platform flat irons.  The Croc sports titanium ionic plates that utilizes far-infrared heat technology, which results in smooth cuticles and shiny hair.  It also has digital temperature control settings (25) that range from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit by increments of 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Sedu and FHI Platform flat irons are lightweight, tourmaline-infused appliances that can also create bold waves and bouncy curls with just a flick of the wrist.  For long-lasting straightness, grab a HSI flat iron (  Its promise is “sleek hair that lasts.” Grab one of these flat-ironing gems and see how long your style lasts.

3.  Steamers and Hooded Dryers:  Sometimes, we need to do more than a quick wash and condition to get the style that we want.  That’s when we look toward our steamers and hooded dryers for extra moisture and styling oomph.  The highly-coveted Pibbs and Huetiful steamers are the ultimate hydration stations.  The 60-minute timer and temperature control of the Pibbs and the moisture-boosting prowess of the Huetiful make them two great additions to your hair repertoire.  Q-Redew is a hand-held steamer that deserves an honorable mention for its combined moisture and styling spark.  When used on dry hair, Q-Redew revives strands by using warm steam as mist.

For help jazzing up your roller sets, turn to the Laila Ali Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer and the Conair Collapsible 1875-watt soft bonnet dryer.  Both appliances allow for fast drying and are spacious enough to accommodate jumbo rollers.  Try the steamer/bonnet dryer combo and see how much better your hair will be.

Here’s hoping you keep it healthily hotttt!!!!!

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