Spray Bottle Besties

By Erma W.

Go to any natural’s home and you’re just about sure to find spray bottles.  These cylinder- and sphere-shaped gems house our beloved nourishing mixtures.  There’s an endless array of options that can be used to fill spray bottles, but some ingredients are exceptionally popular:

1.  Aloe Vera Juice:  This long-time hair favorite is the ultimate quick moisture fix.  Parched hair will be revitalized with just a few spritzes, and highly-porous strands will benefit from the cuticle-closing wonders of this lovely juice.

2.  Glycerin:  All hail to glycerin the great!  This natural humectant is especially adored in the summer because of the way it draws moisture into the hair.  Maximum moisture seekers often pair glycerin with an oil (usually coconut oil) while wash-and-go lovers tend to use it alone.  Some people use a squirt of glycerin while others spray several spritzes.  Try a little (or a lot!) and see what works for you.

3.  Conditioner:  You don’t have to go to the club for a cocktail; just grab your spray bottle!  Shake up your conditioning mojo with your favorite conditioner.  Suit your protein needs with some silk amino acids or Infusium 23 or give brittle hair the boot with some Kinky-Curly Knot Today. Add some oil for an extra kick.  Go on and spray your way to strength and moisture.

4.  Water:  There are many ways to moisturize the hair, but nothing beats good ‘ole H2O.  The water-only method is great for re-dampening the hair while blow drying or styling.  It’s also a simple refresher that can be used as a quick moisture fix.  Store your mini water-filled spray bottle into a chic clutch and stroll like the diva you are!

Go get it, girls! (Your spray bottle, that is :))


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