Naturally Wiggie

When it comes to hair, hair lovers don’t discriminate.  We love a good weave and wig almost as much as our real hair.  There are already plenty of  options for extensions, but now natural hair is included in the mix.  Here are some natural wigalicious and weavealicious selections:

1. Heat Free Hair Movement:  Kinky-haired curlistas, this one is definitely for you.  The Heat Free Hair Movement features a wide range of textures, including 4B and 4C hair.  The company’s stated mission is to “increase styling versatility and overall hair health for natural women or those considering the transition to natural hair or for those who simply want a natural or curly look.”  Heat Free Hair offers wefted hair, clip-ins and closures, and wigs.  The hair blends exceptionally well with tightly-coiled hair textures.  Try it and see!

2. Fingercomber:  If versatility is your wish, then Fingercomber is your destination.  From blow outs to teenie weenie afros to twists, Fingercomber has it all.  These voluminous dos’ offer the perfect touch for everyday looks and special occasions alike.  As the name suggests, the finger comber unit can be styled with the ten best detanglers ever--our fingers!

3. Kurly Klips:  For the ultimate quick natural hair solution, get some Kurly Klips.  The curly-textured, clip-in hair extensions are easy to install and style. Just insert the clips and go.  Kurly Klips were created to give women control over their  hair, and they fulfill that mission well. They can be colored, straightened, or washed.  Most users wear two sets for full coverage.

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Go on and weave it up a la natural:  no one will ever know!

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