You Betta Think!


Hair, hair, hair!  Sometimes, it makes us smile, and other times, it makes us scream.  For those times when it causes our lips to ferociously sever instead of turning into an upward curve, there are solutions.  All we have to do is think before we act.  Consider these scenarios:

1.  Your hair needs to be done, but you don't feel like doing it.  We have all been here.  Your hair is screaming to be detangled and washed, but you just don't want to do it. So what do you do? You rip the comb through your strands and then rub your hair vigorously about your head.  That's a definite no-no, but you let frustration win.  Reclaim the upper hand by donning a wig or hat until you have more time to do your hair and/or you're in a better mood.  Remember, the aim is to keep hair, not lose it.

2.  You want to update your look. You're tired of looking the same.  The same hairstyle. The same haircolor.  All the time. You are absolutely done with it.  Your first inclination is to grab some box color, and let the end results be what they'll be.  Before you go color crazy, get a wig or weave in the color or hairstyle that you want.  It will allow you to see how you'll look before you take that major step.

3.  Your hair is drier than 10 deserts. Snap, crackle, pop, and crunch are the sounds coming from your parched tresses.  It feels as if it's been dry forever, and you just want to cut it  .  Instead of grabbing shears, snatch some conditioner.  Leave it in for a bit while you delve into a soul-gripping novel, lose yourself in your favorite movie or show, or just catch up on some sleep.  The diversion will help you to focus on how to save your hair instead of the fastest way to slaughter it.

Hip, hip, hooray for moving past frustration and giving your hair a loving hug instead of a violent tug! 

I'sha Gaines1 Comment