Natural Hair Artists

By Erma W.

Natural hair inspiration can come from many sources.  A social media posting, an uplifting quote, or a YouTube video can spur pride in your tresses.  Sometimes, the inspiration comes from art.  A drawing that depicts natural hair in all of its grace is also motivational.  Here are some great natural hair artists to check out:  

Jasmine Winters, Illustrated by @CurlyTure

Jasmine Winters, Illustrated by @CurlyTure

1.  By Stella Blu ( Stella's art has a very naked and earthy feel to it.  It really calls out to the wild flower child in us all.  The balance of women and nature is a force that caresses spirits.

2.  Erin O'Garro ( Erin's work tackles the challenges of societal beauty standards by delving into her own perceptions of beauty.  The result is a compelling assortment of Black women drawn in ways that highlight the diversity of our hair, skin, and all other features that makes us US. Erin describes her work as an "exploration" and "educational celebration."

3.  Sharee Miller (  Sharee's love of natural hair is wholly apparent in her work.  Little girls sporting their coils while being spunky are an integral component of her smile-inspiring drawings. She also wrote and illustrated Princess Hair and Night Time Routine, two books that promote and celebrate a love of natural hair.

4.  Veronica Marche (  The fashion-forward diva will love Veronica's illustrations.  Her stationery brand, Charm and Spice, features glammed-up drawings of women who are clearly in love with their natural beauty. The smiling beauties on Veronica's greeting cards will surely put a sparkle in your holiday season.

Wishing you an artsy holiday season!!!!

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