Curly Girl Confidence

By Erma W.

Confidence is a necessary self-esteem booster that helps us to become better beings.  We may struggle to attain and command confidence (even when it comes to our hair), but it is possible.  Here are some ways to boost our curly girl confidence:  

1.  Get to know your hair:  In order to get comfortable with your hair, you have to interact with it.  You have to feel the texture of your hair.  You have to get to know the different sections of your hair so that you will know which ones have a looser vs. tighter curl, which section gets the driest, etc. You can also develop a better relationship with your hair by just wearing it.  Start by wearing it out to do errands.  Then advance to wearing it to work.  After you've been wearing it out for a while on a day-to-day basis, get ultra-glam and pop your coils, curls, kinks, and/or waves all the way out.

2.  Understand that your hair is YOUR hair.  It's great to get inspiration from other curlies, but it stops having a positive impact when you become upset that your hair isn't like someone else's.  Each head of hair is unique.  Learn to embrace the beauty of your hair.

3.  Turn your frustration into fierceness.  You may be frustrated because you are style-challenged.  If that's the case, then make it your business to learn, learn, learn.  Utilize videos, blogs, magazines, forums, stylists, and your friends and family for help with styling.  Remember, your hair can be fierce at any length.  You just have to know how to work it.

Ultimately, confidence comes from within you.  Get to know yourself and your curly girl confidence will follow.

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