Caring For Your Wig

By Erma W.

In many regions, the temperature has fallen.  The blustery winds tossing our hair about and the autumn crispness feel suspiciously like the bitter sting of winter.  Tress protection during these climate changes often involves donning a wig.  Wigs are protective styles, but we also want them to look good.  A major part of keeping a wig up is maintenance.  We must take care of our wigs for them to maintain the fierce effect.  Here's how to keep your wig as divaliciously sharp as you are:  


1.  Keep your wig clean.  Just as you must keep your hair clean, you must keep your wig clean.  That's how you retain the wig's hauteness.  When you are cleaning your wig, use a gentle wig shampoo or hair cleanser.  Harsh agents will roughen the hair and make it harder to manage.  Also, don't over-wash your wig.  The recommended washing period is after 25 to 30 wears.

2.  Handle your wig gently.  I'm very guilty of not doing this.  I tend to toss my wig on the nightstand.  That is not the proper upkeep method.  Wigstands help the unit to remain intact, and they make it easier to style the wig. Invest in some (I'll do it too.).

3.  Adopt the "less is more" approach with styling products.  A common perception regarding wigs is that a lot of product is needed to handle them.  That is not always the case.  In many instances, those excess materials weigh down the wig and create tangles.  Start with a nickel- to quarter-size amount and add more if needed.  

Now you can be electric in your protective style.  Have loads of wigalicious fun!  

I'sha GainesComment