Natural Hair Blogger, Textured Talk, Launches Online Hair Care Boutique TEXTURES Natural Hair Care TM

Dallas, Texas - Natural hair blogger, Charlene Walton, proudly announces TEXTURES Natural Hair Care TM set to launch this upcoming Black Friday November 27th, 2015 online at


TEXTURES Natural Hair Care TM is a boutique online retailer with a primary focus on natural and organic hair care products, committed to giving women access to the best brands and simplifying the shopping process for natural hair care.  TEXTURES Natural Hair Care TM was created out of the frustration with the increasing influx of products entering the market but limited space to access and purchase them all at once.  Devoted to changing the standard shopping experience among women of multi-textured hair, TEXTURES Natural Hair Care TM  aims to deliver natural hair education, carry quality hair care products and reduce the shopping hassle between multiple beauty supply stores and independent online brands.  

With the goal of being the premier location for women with who desire the best brands for their naturally curly hair, TEXTURES Natural Hair Care TM will feature small brands with limited distribution as well as a select few larger brands found in national chains such as Target and Sally’s.  

TEXTURES Natural Hair Care TM  Owner & Founder recently stated that, “It is important to me for women to have choices. I love that so many natural hair care brands are increasing their reach and getting into big box stores; however, the reality is not all Targets or Sally’s carry the brands you might want to try.  In addition, there are several amazing independently distributed brands with quality ingredients that are unknown to many. Why not have the option to try shop multiple brands at once and pay one shipping cost!”

TEXTURES Natural Hair Care TM has already partnered with eleven well known brands and will continuously expand over the coming months.  Current brand partners include Curls, Briogeo, tgin, Obia Natural Hair Care, Hydratherma Naturals, Mielle Organics, Koils By Nature, TreLuxe Naturals, Naturally Smitten, Bee Mine Organics and Hair Therapy Wraps.  Additional brand partnerships are welcomed.  

This is an exciting time for the natural hair industry and women of multi-textured hair have more options than ever before.  As more brands continue to enter the market, competition forces everyone to excel in product formulation, ingredient differentiation and overall healthy hair care.  TEXTURES Natural Hair Care TM  is enthused to create a platform that will bridge all of these brands and the consumers who are eager to try new products.

TEXTURES Natural Hair Care Supplies, LLC is a online natural hair care retailer based out of Dallas, TX

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