The Loc Decision

By Erma W.

Many of our hair decisions involve how we're going to style our hair.  Will it be straight or curly?  Up or down?  Full-head color or just highlights? It seems like there's always a hair choice to make.  If you've been considering the locked look, here's a glance at some options:


1.  Traditional dreadlocks:  Traditional dreadlocks are created by the comb coil (placing hair into a fine-toothed comb and twisting the comb) and finger coil (twirling the hair with your fingers) methods.  These dreadlocks are great for loc newbies because they can be started with just fingers and a comb.  This look can be maintained via palm rolling and the latch method.  If you're feeling adventurous and have some spare time, go for it!

2.  Sisterlocks:  Sisterlocks are very thin locs that favor microbraids.  They are well-liked by many women because of their versatility.  Sisterlocks can be styled with rollers and/or curling irons.  The thinness of the locs make them a good option for anyone with relaxers.  Because of the time required to install them, sisterlocks are somewhat more costly (up to $1,000) than traditional dreadlocks.  However, their beauty and ease of styling well justify the cost.

3.  Free-formed locs:  To get free-formed locs, just stop combing and brushing your hair. That action (or lack of action) may give many of us pause, but it's great for lovers of non-uniform looks.  With this style, the hair is washed with shampoo on a regular basis, but there is no other maintenance involved.  If you're ultra-easy breezy, this may be the look for you.

Good luck in your hair-styling quest!  Let us know if you make a "loc decision."

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