H2O Boosters

By Erma W.

Water is a great hydrator, but it evaporates quickly.  H2O needs help so that its moisturizing abilities will have some staying power.  There are many great ingredients that can accelerate water's hydrating abilities.  Some of them are:

1.  Glycerin:  Often used as a stand-alone moisturizer, glycerin's powerhouse softening abilities are the extra-perfect touch when it is added to water.  This colorless substance sinks into strands and sends dryness to lands unknown.  Give glycerin a go and get moisturized!

2.  Aloe vera juice:  This popular liquid is used by many naturals because of its hefty moisturizing punch.  Its super-light consistency is great for fine- and thin-haired curlies, and its cuticle-sealing action is a win for the high-porosity heads.  Juice up your hair with AVJ and experience the moisture explosion.

3.  Castor oil:  I simply adore castor oil because of its multi-purpose functions:  growth aid, scalp nourisher, hair softener, sheen-giver, etc.  It helps water to impart additional moisture onto the hair while plumping thin strands.  Castor oil is thick, though, so be sure to shake well before use with water.

Go on and get that H2O boost; your strands are waiting!

I'sha GainesComment