Let's Get Warm

By Erma W.



I am most comfortable when I am warm.  It's just something about heat that makes me feel alive.  Staying warm is easy during the summer, but the rest of the year makes me shiver (seriously, even spring). I try to stay warm by any means necessary--even down to my hair routine.  Here are some of my favorite "get warm" hair tips:

1.  Silk-lined hats:  Besides being fashionably darling, silk-lined hats are comfortable and warm.  They superbly lock in heat on those bone-chilling and blustery days.  Plus, the silk is great for helping to keep moisture in the hair.  These hats are an all-around win.

2.  Wigs and weaves:  I love a good wig.  It's my ultimate hair fix when I don't want to be bothered with my real hair or if I just want a different look.  I also like to think of wigs (and weaves) as a second hat.  Heat-givers and protective styles? That's the perfect cold-weather combo. 

3. Heating caps and steamers:  Heating caps and steamers are used so often because they intensify the hair's moisture levels.  They also make my head feel oh-so-toasty.  Whatever annoyances I feel due to being cold are eased away by the soothing warmth of my heating cap and steamer.  I love my dryness-busters.

I'm always ready to get warm.  I hope these tips send some warmth your way too.  Cheers! (or should I say "warmth?")

I'sha GainesComment