Fall Forward

By Erma W.

With fall's arrival comes blustery winds, browning leaves, and the donning of wooly sweaters.  Fall is also a time when we give our hair extra love to counteract the effects of the reduced temperature, and we pump up our seasonal glam.  Let's all fall forward with these vivacious tips: 

I'sha Gaines for @ishagainesphoto

I'sha Gaines for @ishagainesphoto

1.  Color it up:  The rustic colors of fall look as good on our hair as they do on the trees.  Sultry auburns and fiery coppers give us a pop of sassy without too much brashness.  Whether you want to make a bold statement or just abandon your "blah-ness", color is always an invigorating choice.

2. Slather on the pumpkins:  Yup, you read that right.  The cooler weather doesn't play any games with its drying tactics, so we owe it to our tresses to fight back harder when we moisturize.  Pumpkins are the way to go. Pair 'em with yogurt, coconut oil, and honey, and your hair will sing the song of lush nourishment.

3.  Keep your tendrils strong with tea:  Strength is a must for healthy, thriving hair.  Help your hair stand up to the fierceness of fall with some tea rinses.  Grab some rosemary, chamomile, and calendula herbs for the ultimate healthy hair experience.

Now go and fall forward into fabulous!

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