Dairy Beauty

By Erma W.


Many of the products that we use to nourish and beautify our bodies can be found in our cabinets and refrigerators.  A lot of them are dairy products.  Some people consume dairy products while others refuse to ingest them.  Whether or not you eat dairy products, they are great for the skin and hair.  Here are some great uses for everyday dairy products:

1.  Egg conditioner:  We are used to scrambling eggs or making them sunny side-up, but what about tossing them in our hair?  Eggs offer a protein boost to strands, and they're easy to find (chances are, they're in your fridge.).  Get eggy with it and add some to your hair. Skip the heating cap, though. Fried eggs are meant for plates, not heads.

2.  Yogurt body mask:  Rejuvenation is key for keeping the body tight and firm.  We must renew our bodies constantly.  Yogurt is a great beauty aid.  Its high lactic acid content can help to reduce wrinkles and acne breakouts.  Slather it all over your body and enjoy (but try not to eat it all up!).

3.  Goat's milk facial:  I love goat's milk facial treatments.  They soften my skin and make it glow.  Nutrient-rich goat's milk (high in phosphorus, Vitamin B12, protein, and potassium) is the perfect velvety-smooth skin treat.  I like it in powdered form.  Add goat's milk and rosewater or glycerin or aloe juice, and pop it on your face.  When you are done, look in the mirror and watch your skin say, "thank you."

I hope this beauty fix 4-1-1 keeps you fresh and fly! Enjoy!

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