Bun Fun

By Erma W.

Basic, boring, blah. Over the years, these and similar words have become way too synonymous with buns.  Buns can be basic if you so desire, or they can be bam-tastic! It's all about options.  Check out these hot bun looks:

1.  High bun:  There's no need for your life to be in a rut.  Go high!  High buns are simplistically fun and elegant at the same time.  They're the perfect solution for the boardroom and ballroom alike.

2.  Side bun:  Sometimes, you want a different look without going all the way glam.  Enter the side bun.  It's just right for those times when you want to be a tad daring.  No hair bling needed; side buns provide their own dazzle.

3.  Messy bun:  Forget neatness!  Messy is the way to be...well, it is if you want that free-flowing fly look.  The messy bun is playful and sassy without being disheveled.  It is the best quick and fun combo.

Bun it up and have lots of fun! :)

I'sha GainesComment