Hair Senses

By Erma W.

Our senses are vital because they guide us in all that we do--including caring for our hair.  Many of our hair problems would not seem so daunting if we relied on our senses more.  Let's explore this topic further by:

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1.  Looking:  Many times, our hair's problems are within sight.  That hair that's shorter than the other hairs in the bunch, that bald spot that continues to grow, that thinness that has claimed the spot where thickness once rested...those are all issue that can be detected by just looking at the hair.  Keep in mind that this is not true in all cases.  Coily hair can look dry yet feel like feathers.  Still, simply observing the hair reveals a lot, so look, look closely, and look often.

2.  Hearing:  Sounds matter too.  Snap, crackle, and pop are noises that should be contained within a bowl of cereal, but they may also be heard while manipulating dry hair.  That sound is the sign of a problem--typically too much protein or not enough moisture.  Your hair speaks through the sounds that it makes.  If it sounds like you are handling hay when you touch your hair, that's not okay.  Listen up, and be aware!

3.  Touching:  It's all in the touch.  Your fingers will tell you the condition of your hair.  One or two rubs along your strands will indicate breakage, dryness, overmoisturization, etc.  Tap into the feeling.  If the feel of your hair makes you want to keep touching, you are generally in the healthy hair zone.  If you have the urge to retract your hand and grab some water and cream, it may be time to reevaluate your haircare practices.

4.  Smelling:  Yep, we have to talk about this one too.  The smell-good factor is important.  Primarily, it's a hygiene issue.  Funky hair is not the business.  That smell permeates everything that it hits.  Plus, who wants to walk around with smelly hair?  If you smell your hair and wrinkle your nose, it's time for you to wash your hair.

May your senses guide you wherever you go,

May your hair flourish and gracefully flow.

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