The Time Factor

By Erma W.

We are often concerned with how fast our hair will reach a certain point (When will it be arm pit length or bra strap length? When will we be able to put it in a bun? Etc.).  It is great to have goals because they give meaning to our desires.  In the quest to fulfill our hair aspirations, however, we must remember that our former decisions affect our hair’s current behavior.  Those multiple flat-ironing or coloring sessions, or the edge-unfriendly hairstyles are not negligible when it comes to our hair’s progress.  The deep conditioning treatments and gentler hair techniques will not instantly undo the damage or stress that your hair has suffered.

Just as it took time for your hair to become damaged, it will take time for your hair to flourish.  The time factor, although frustrating, is unavoidable.  Instead of being angry that your hair has not recovered immediately, be thankful that your hair is improving.  Continue to learn and implement the products and techniques that work best for your hair.  If you listen to your hair and nurture it accordingly, you will achieve your goals.

Cheers to you and your hair!

I'sha GainesComment