End Friends

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By Erma W.

The ends, the ends, the ends!!!  They’re the oldest and thirstiest parts of the hair, but they are often sorely neglected.  If ends could talk, many of them would say, “moisturize me, love me, protect me.”  If you want to start giving your ends some sweet love and affection, adopt these tips:


1.  Moisturize and seal:  One of the best ways to shower your ends with appreciation is to give them extra moisture.  When you deep condition, be sure to add some extra product to your ends.  Also, don’t forget to slide the moisturizer all the way down your strands and lock it in with a sealant.  Jane Carter’s Twist and Lock Cream and Nourish and Shine is a great moisturizing/sealing combo.

2.  Tuck ‘em up:  Caressing your ends with product is only half of the challenge.  After you’ve covered them with buttery and creamy moisturizing goodness, you’ve got to tuck them away to retain that moisture--and your length.  A tuck and roll or a simple bun are some quick yet cute hairstyles that will preserve your ends.

3.  Use hair-friendly tools:  There’s no getting around the fact that we must manipulate our hair to care for it.  Seamless tools and our fingers are some of the best options to style our tresses.  If you choose to use a comb or brush for your hair, consider the Hercules Sagemann or Mason Pearson line of products.  Both of them are seamless and can be used to lovingly detangle the hair.  For the finger-lovers, make sure that your nails are filed well before handling your hair.

4.  Grab some sharp shears:  There are many hair friends on the market, but the ones that don’t receive a fair spotlight are hair shears.  These buddies are often viewed as foes because their purpose is to remove hair from the head.  That’s not always a bad act.  Sometimes, it is even necessary.  If your ends have a ton of splits and/or you notice that your hair just won’t cooperate anymore (after you’ve tried clarifying, chelating, moisturizing, protein treatments, protective styles, etc.), then it’s time to let those ends go.  Get the job done with the Tweezerman shears.  They are sharp, and they will remove split ends without creating new ones. Rest assured that you will gain back what you had to discard.  Besides, if your ends are damaged, trimming them is not a loss.

Best wishes for happy and healthy ends!

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