Quick Winter Hair Tips

By Erma W.

It's rare that we mention haircare without talking about moisture.  Moisture is so important to the health of our hair, but it can be difficult to maintain.  Daily stress factors (tiredness, illness, etc.) only add to the moisture-retention challenges.  Here are four quick winter hair tips that are easy enough to stick with no matter how tired you are:


1.  Continue to deep condition your hair.  A lot of times, we become lax with deep conditioning due to exhaustion (this supremely-cold weather has certainly zapped my energy.).  Mid-week deep conditioning treatments may lose their place to some much-needed shut-eye.  It's understandable; just don't fall completely off the wagon.  Deep condition your hair during regular hair-cleansing sessions to maintain some balance of moisture.

2.  Use moisturizing styling products.  During the bitterly-cold temperatures, opt for moisturizing styling products to make your hair pop and lock in ultimate levels of nourishment.  A leave-in of your choice followed by a whipped hair butter (mango, avocado, shea, etc.) is a great selection.

3.  Allow your hair to bask in silk and satin coverings.  Don your silk- or satin-lined hats before entering the cold.  Naturalsis72 and TheClassyCrocheter are two Etsy stores with fashionably-cute satin-lined hats.  Also, make sure that you have silk or satin pillowcases to lie on if you're too busy to put on your bonnet or scarf.

4.  Hydrate your hair from within.  The best way to hydrate your hair is by drinking water.  The intake of water will add to your hair's lushness. Your skin also thank you by exhibiting a healthy glow.  Go on and drink that H2O.

Here's to moisturized hair the quick way!

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