New Year Hair Inventory

By Erma W.

Inventories aren't just for stores. We all need to take an inventory within different areas of our lives--including hair care.  Hair inventories help us to determine and meet our hair goals.  In some instances, hair inventories show us that our goals may need redefining.  Whether you want to give your hair a "reset" or improve on its awesomeness, a hair inventory is a great way to boost your hair's progress.


A hair inventory involves lots of questions.  You need to ask questions to find out what or if improvements are necessary.  Some of the questions should be reflective:

-Have I had a consistent or inconsistent regimen?

-How has that worked for me?

-Have I been consistent or inconsistent with my use of products?

-How has my consistent or inconsistent use of products worked for me?

-Has there been a commonality in the types of products that have or haven't worked for me?

-What product and styling techniques have or haven't worked for me?

After you have reflected on your former hair practices, assess your hair's current state.  Are you happy with your hair? Why or why not?  The answers to these questions will help you to discover your next steps--and hopefully avoid any missteps.  

Best wishes to you and your hair in 2015!

I'sha GainesComment