Oil it Up

By Erma W.

Oils are staples in many beauty regimens because of their versatility.  Hair-growth aids, scalp-pleasers, skin nourishers, shine-enhancers… there seems to be no end to the wonders of oil, and the number of oils appears to be just as extensive.  This oil post will highlight several whole body categories and feature various oils that cater to specific health and beauty needs.

Hair-growth aids:  There are several types of hair-growth aids, but oils are among the most popular.  They address an area of concern for many individuals.  The selection of oils that cater to hair growth is vast, so it’s all about what you prefer. Some of the many oils that assist in hair growth are peppermint, lavender, rosemary, emu, and castor.  

The nutrient-rich elements of peppermint oil, such as folate and manganese, stimulate the follicles.  Lavender oil is quite popular for its stress-relieving abilities. Some people utilize the essential oil’s calming properties by massaging a small amount of it on their scalp in a circular motion.  This act also helps to stimulate hair growth by regulating blood circulation in the body.  

Castor oil, a hair care favorite for many, is especially helpful at restoring bald edges. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties provide an ideal environment for hair growth.  Herbaceous-scented rosemary oil relieves dry scalp and is helpful at filling in thinning edges.  

Emu oil is a powerhouse growth agent that regenerates scalp cells for optimal hair growth (per a research study conducted by Dr. Michael Holnick of the Boston University of Medicine).  Its linoleic acid content provides a strong foundation for slow-hair sufferers.

Skin-nourishers:  As the cooler weather draws near, oils are finding their way back into the skin-friend rotation.  An excellent but infrequently-mentioned pick for the roundup is sea buckthorn oil.  This vitamin- and mineral-filled seed oil promotes elasticity and skin regeneration (per a study conducted by Berkeley Wellness from the University of California).  

Grab some ylang ylang to reduce skin irritation caused by the malfunction of sebaceous glands.  If you’re looking for a light and easy-to-find carrier oil for your skin, give safflower oil a try.  The essential fatty acids in this lightly-scented oil protect and penetrate the epidermis.  

Do you want your skin to shine?  Slap on some coconut oil.  Its triglyceride composition eliminates moisture loss through the skin’s pores, which means that your skin will stay and feel smoother for longer periods of time.

“Whenever” is the perfect time to oil it up, but seasonal changes provide a great reason.  Now is a great time to explore, explore, explore! Go have some oil fun!

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