Time-Saving Hair Tips

By Erma W.

As hairnistas, we love to love our tresses.  Creating dazzling hairstyles, purchasing the latest products, and maximizing our hair's full potential are major joys for us.  However, there are times we crave the "get it and go" approach.  For those times we're in a rush (or just don't want to do all that stuff), here are some time-saving hair tips:

1.  Deep-condition on dry hair.  The hair is like a sponge, so DCing on dry hair allows it to absorb more of those nourishing goodies.  Also, you don't have to hop in and out of the shower (after all, who really likes to get wet, only to dry off and then get wet again?).

2.  Deep-condition overnight.  When you DC overnight, that's one less step to complete on wash day.  Plus, if you combine steps one and two, your hair will feel delicious.

3.  Rely on hair styles that last a few days.  Hairdos that require daily styling are the biggest time-drainers.  Save yourself some hours by sticking to twists, braids, buns, bantu knots, and similar styles.

4.  Omit any unnecessary steps from your regimen.  Many hair routines feel exhausting because they contain lots of steps.  Evaluate your regimen.  Do you really need to do a hot oil treatment and an oil rinse and a 45-minute deep-condition followed by the baggy method?  Keep what you need and delete the rest.

Save more time! Have fun and shine! :)

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