TWA Styling Options

By Erma W.

We spend so much time on our hair:  product selection, detangling, washing, conditioning, and, of course, styling.  The array of hair-primping options eclipses the number of hours we devote to ensuring that our tresses are at their best. Having options is the golden nugget of hair care. However, many TWA-wearers feel they have no styling choices.  That is so not true! The teeny weeny afro can reign with dynamic style flair in the following ways:

1.  Headbands, bows, and clips:  Sometimes all the hair needs is that little something extra for the “pop” factor to emerge.  A bright bow, fancy clip, or dashing headband may be the cherry on top. 



2.  Color:  A burst of color can give your TWA a newfound vibrancy.  The summer and approaching fall seasons are the best times to give your mane a colorful makeover.  


3.  Curls:  Bring out those hidden curls with a hair smoothie or flake-free gel.  After conditioning or co-washing the hair, rake your desired styler through your wet hair and let your curls set. 


Now that you’re equipped with your styling guide, have some TWA fun!


I'sha GainesComment