Ingredient Spotlight: Panthenol

By Erma W.

A major expectation regarding ingredients in the natural community is that they sound as natural as possible (e.g. coconut oil, shea butter). The natural-sounding ingredients are perceived as being beneficial to the body, whereas the not-so-natural-sounding ingredients are viewed as being unhelpful or potentially harmful at worst.  These perceptions about scientific-sounding ingredients are not always valid.  Despite the sound of its name, panthenol is very beneficial to the hair, skin, and nails.

Panthenol is a popular ingredient in many beauty products because of its moisturizing abilities. When it is added to hair products, panthenol aids in detangling and softening the hair, and increasing shine.  Its smooth, film-like consistency makes it easy to apply and enter the hair shaft. An added benefit of panthenol is that it is water-soluble, which means it can be easily removed with a mild shampoo or co-cleanser.  Lovers of “out” hairstyles should consider their climate before using the humectant to avoid frizz.

The vitamin B5 derivative is just as effective for the skin and nails.  Panthenol is easily absorbed by the skin and has been found to be useful for the increased hydration and improved elasticity of epithelial tissue.  It also soothes sore and irritated skin.  Due to its lightweight consistency, it is usually a staple in lotions. Panthenol is also a key ingredient in nail products because it works well with keratin and hydrates brittle nails.  Its moisture retention is long-lasting, so feel free to enjoy the nourishing privileges of panthenol.

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