How to make hair time fun for your little one

For many of us, hair styling sessions are our time to unwind and squash the week's pressures and annoyances.  Children tend to have an opposing perspective.  They often view hair grooming as a never-ending torture session.  In apprehension of the "impending doom." they may cry, scream, hide in closets and under beds, and do whatever else to avoid getting their hair done.  If this description even remotely resembles hair day with your little one, read on for tips to keep the smiles all abound.

1.  Keep your children occupied and entertained throughout the process.  Let them watch their favorite show or movie while you are styling or detangling their hair.  Put on their favorite songs while you wash and condition their hair to keep them happy.

2.  Make the grooming session as pain-free as possible.  Use seamless combs and heavy-duty detanglers to eliminate any detangling aches.  If time allows, try finger detangling.

3.  Don't begin to groom your child's hair just before nap or feeding times.    Children are very routine-oriented.  Later sleep and meal times may induce crankiness, which will result in longer styling sessions.

4.  Take breaks.  Small children get restless when they have to sit in one spot for long periods of time.  Periodic breaks will help to reduce the amounts and levels of crankiness.

5.  Get your children involved.  Let your children help to select their grooming products.  Shea Moisture and Curls are two lines that offer kids' products.  Allowing children to help pick their products may help them to view wash day with less angst and more favor.


Here's hoping your baby's upcoming wash day is filled with smiles and sunshine.  Cheers!


I'sha GainesComment