Make it Shine: How to Add Shine to Your Hair

By Erma W.

The natural hair explosion has offered us a plethora of products and techniques.  It has also provided us with a better understanding of why our hair behaves in a certain manner.  The latter offering helps us to appreciate our hair for all that it is and can be while accepting it for what it will not and cannot be naturally.  The matter of shine and kinky curly hair addresses the acceptance issue.  Kinky curly hair does not shine naturally due to the way the cuticle reflects light.  However, this hair type and texture can shine by using certain products and techniques.


1.  Hot oil treatments add shine while nourishing your strands.  Apply some castor or olive oil and don your heating cap.  You can also warm the oils and wrap a towel around your head.

2.  Amp up the shine with an oil rinse.  Pour some hempseed, grapeseed, or wheat germ oil onto your hair after shampooing and before conditioning.  It’s a healthy shine combo!

3.  Style with pomade, gel, or shine serum for a high-gloss finish.  Remember, a little goes a long way.  Too much serum may coat the hair and block out moisture, especially if the serum contains silicones.

4.  Coconut oil deserves its own mention because of the way it adds a crystal-like shine to the hair.  Its ability to penetrate the hair shaft and prevent protein loss makes it an all-around hair benefit.

Bonus:  Clarify your hair occasionally to remove buildup.  Sometimes, the hair appears dull because of the layers of product on the hair shaft.

Go shine in grace and beauty.

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