How to Maintain Definition for Braid and Twist Outs

By Erma W.

During the warmer months, we tend to favor "out" styles.  However, twist outs and braid outs have a greater chance of swelling in the heat and humidity.  The potential poof factor doesn't have to stop you from rocking your "out" do'.  Just follow these tips to keep your styles defined.


1.  Make sure your hair is well-moisturized.  Often times, the hair loses its definition from twist outs and braid outs because it lacks moisture.  Use a heavy-duty moisturizer, but try to avoid products with glycerin high on the ingredients' list because glycerin is a humectant (an agent that pulls moisture from the air into your hair).  Humectant usage increases the chances of the poof factor.

2.  Use holding products.  Gels, pomades, and setting lotions are great at providing hold for various styles.  The first two products also help to minimize frizz.  Be sure to use alcohol-free holding products.

3.  Maintain definition with perm and flexi rods.  Curling the hair on rods adds more volume to the hair and helps the style keep its pattern.  Perm rods yield a tighter curl and flexi rods provide more of a beach wave look.

4.  Do smaller braids or twists for more definition.  The size of your braids or twists will determine the type of definition you have.  Smaller braids and twists will render more definition for your "out" styles, especially if you have thin or low-density hair.  Also, make sure to braid or twist your hair tautly so that the pattern stays defined.

5.  Put a dab of oil on your fingers.  Applying a light coating of oil to your fingers before unraveling your braids or twists will keep your definition intact by reducing frizz.

6.  Don't over-fluff.  So many people love and want big hair, but too much fluffing will cause frizz and "undefine" your style.

7.  Preserve your do' before going to bed.  Braiding over your braid or twist outs in medium to large sections or putting your hair in a pineapple are great options for keeping your hairstyle sharp.

Now that you have your definition tips, go on:  toss those braid and twist outs!

I'sha GainesComment