Sexy Summer Hair TIps

By Erma W.

Sensual.  Seductive.  Sexy.  These are among the top three words that come to mind when I think of summer (my favorite season! :))  The pleasure-inducing adjectives can also be used to describe hair.  When we think of sexy hair, cloud-shaped 'fros, dangling braids and twists, sparkling clips, and brightly-colored headbands may come to mind.  Sexy hair is all of those descriptions and more--on the surface.  The foundation of sexy hair is healthy hair.  Everything else is an outgrowth of the foundation.  Read on for sizzling summer tips to maintain your hair’s total beauty.

1. Moisture, moisture, moisture:  Don’t skimp on the moisture. Dryness is always one sunray away, so be sure to keep up with those deep-conditioning treatments.  Plus, there’s always leave-in conditioners for a quick moisture fix.  A good- and light-smelling one is the Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner.  The co-washers can keep the moisture, tidy their strands, and have awesome-smelling hair with co-cleansers like Curl Junkie’s Daily Fix.

2. Hats:  For those days when you want to flaunt a “get up and go” style, don a fashionable hat.  A hat is a great accessory during the summer because of the drying effects of the heat. 

3. Satin scarves and bonnets:  Keep it “hair sexy” with colorful satin scarves.  Remember to put them in a place that’s easy to find.  I keep mine under my pillow. 

4. Hair-friendly clips:  Make that do’ extraordinary with stylish and sparkling hair clips.  They are the perfect accent to updos and flowing locks.

5. Fun, romantic hairstyles:  Get your summer sexy on with romantic waves, flirtatiously fun fros, and seductive updos.

Happy sexy summer in advance!

I'sha GainesComment