Special Events Hairstyles

By Erma W.

“Special events” season is in full bloom like the flowers that have sprung upon us in their seductive reds, charming yellows, and effervescent pinks. Now is the time that proms and weddings are being danced at, romantic anniversaries and retirements are being celebrated, and graduations and awards dinners are being toasted with smiles abound.  In the midst of the cheers and good times, one question looms above:  what are you going to do with your hair?  If you’re still scratching your head in search of an answer, read on for some fancy and flavorful hairstyle ideas.

Weddings:  Pinned-up or hanging curls are great for weddings because they allow you to wear a headpiece without disrupting your hairstyle.

Proms:  Prom night is the ultimate opportunity to let your hair hang loose.

Graduation:  Don your cap proudly without worrying about messing up your hair.

Retirement Party:  This “closing celebration” of sorts deserves a simply beautiful hairstyle.

Bonus:  For a rehearsal dinner, rock a twist out with a flower.

All of these styles can be interchanged for various events as desired.  

Have fun being glam, and a big hearty CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishments and/or celebrations!

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