How to Wear Your Hair to Bed

You’ve had a fabulous day, and your hair is fierce.  You long to recreate another spectacular hair day tomorrow.  The awesomeness of tomorrow’s hair day largely depends on how you prep your hair tonight.  Here are some nighttime hair solutions to prepare you for next-day hair ecstasy.

1. Flat twists are great for stretching the hair and creating a wavy look.  If you are anxious to get to sleep, chunky flat twists are a quick option.

2. Plaits are also great for stretching the hair and creating a loosely-defined style.  I braid over my twists and twist outs nightly because they stretch my hair and help me to further define my twist outs.

3. Chunky twists can be used to prepare the hair for a bun or ponytail.  You can stretch your hair with chunky twists instead of using combs, brushes, or heating tools. (Stretched hair and decreased manipulation--awesome!)

4. bun can be your nighttime and next-day hairstyle. Put your hair in a bun at night, and cover it with a scarf.  The next morning, remove your scarf and go. (That’s it!)

5. Rod sets are the perfect solution for fab curls. They may take longer than the styles listed above, but the smile you’ll sport when you unravel that rod set and see those luscious curls will be more than worth it.

6. Bantu knots is one of the best root-stretching hairstyles. It requires no heat, and you don’t have to use any hair accessories.  Just grab your hair and twirl and tuck.

7. The pineapple method is a major plus for anyone with loose, wavy curls and for those who want to preserve a twist out without re-twisting the hair.  To pineapple the hair, get a loose scrunchie and make a high ponytail.  (You can also make two or three ponytails if you prefer.) Next, take a scarf and wrap your hair. (All done!)

Good night! (and Happy Next-Day hair to you!)


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