Tips for adding volume to fine hair

By Erma W.

A major theme that accompanies the onset of warmer weather is being out.  We want to go out, we want to stay out, and we want to wear our hair out (the bigger, the better too!)  For those of us in the fine-hair and/or low-density club (I'm wildly waving my hands for the fine-haired crew), being on #teambighair isn't the easiest feat.  Here are some tips to help the fine and low-density curlies live out their big-hair dreams.

1.  Use water-based styling products for the big-hair effect.  They will help to maximize your hair (literally!).  I like to twist with moisturizers when I want to expand my hair.

2.  Utilize hair products that are geared towards adding volume to the hair.  Some products work as a system to promote fullness for those of us with fine or low-density hair.  Organix has a thick and full line that consists of a shampoo, conditioner, and root boost spray.

3.  Cut your hair in layers if you're in the mood for a style change.  The layers will add fullness to your hair.

4.  Put your hair in a pineapple (one ponytail at the front of your head).  The pineapple will add volume.  Make sure you secure the ponytail holder loosely.

5.  Unravel your twists or braids one day in advance for fullness.  Your hair will get bigger as the week progresses.

6.  Try to avoid parting your hair too much before braiding or twisting it.  Too many parts create a "scalpy" look; they tend to emphasizes fineness rather than fullness.

7.  Fluff your hair with an Afro pick to create the illusion of high density.  You can also hide any visible parts by fluffing.

Bonus tip:  If you want bodacious hair for a special event, blow dry your hair or use the diffuser. (Key words: special event.)  Try not to rely on the blow dryer for everyday use.

Happy styling!  Have fun aboard the #bighair train!

I'sha GainesComment