What Makes Them Work?

By MiEisha Runnels

Everyone wants their hair to grow! Long, beautiful, and healthy hair is what the majority of us strive to attain. So there is no surprise that the use of hair vitamins continues to be popular among women from all different kinds of backgrounds. We (including myself) are turning to these products to see quicker results. Listed are few common hair vitamins that people are taking:

·       Biotin

·       Hairfinity

·       Hair Formula 37

·       The Mane Choice

So what is actually making these products work? The natural ingredients within them that they claim to have. Many hair products claim to be all natural and promote healthy hair from the inside out! The right combination of different vitamins will not only help stimulate hair growth, but most importantly make your hair healthier. Taking vitamins help stimulate hair growth from the inside out. Many products, or hair vitamins, can almost be compared to taking a dietary supplement for our hair. They are mixed with different vitamins that our bodies already need and produce naturally. Vitamins such as biotin are good for our hair, nail, and skin! Other ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, MSM and zinc, which help with sebum production in the scalp, can be found in a few of these products along with many others. So start looking into certain nutrients, vitamins, and all natural ingredients that will promote hair growth. Always look at the label so the next time you do a length check, you will see great results!

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