The Fine-Hair Factors

By Erma W.

If you have fine hair and believe in the "glass half empty/glass half full" theory, I wouldn't be surprised if you consider fine hair to fall on the empty end of the spectrum.  The fragility of fine-textured hair can be cumbersome.  It breaks easily and gets weighed down quickly.  However, these factors do not mean that fine hair is a lost cause.  You just have to understand its attributes so that you can maximize its benefits.

1.  Fine hair can be prone to tangles.  The tangles can be minimized by keeping the hair stretched and well-detangled.

2.  Fine hair breaks easily.  The diameter of fine strands lends itself to splits and additional wear and tear.  You can lessen this stress by detangling with your fingers instead of using combs and brushes.  You can also use products that contain light proteins (soy, wheat, and milk) and silk amino acids to add strength to your hair.

3.  Fine hair gets weighed down easily.  This hair texture does not generally allow for continual usage of heavy products.  However, heavier products may be necessary during the colder months to counteract the harsh effects of winter.  If you have fine hair and must use heavier products, be sure to clarify your hair as necessary to remove build-up.

Bonus (an attribute of fine hair that lends itself to the "glass half full" spectrum):  fine hair doesn't require much product.  A little truly does go a long way when it comes to this hair texture.  That means you can hold onto your products (especially stylers) for a long time.

I almost forgot the most important tip:  Enjoy your fine hair!  I am!

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