Low-manipulation hair tips

By Erma W.

Braid it.  Twist it.  Curl it.  Blow dry it.  Wash it.  Condition it.  Comb it.  Brush it.  Flat Iron it.  Our hair goes through a lot of manipulation.  There’s no way to avoid the manipulation because we have to touch our hair to care for and style it.  However, we can reduce the frequency and intensity of manipulation to our hair with these tips:

1. Try to find a style that you can wear for at least one week.  Some examples include twists and braids in a stylish updo.  The decreased manipulation will allow your strands to rest.  If a one-week style is not an option, try to reduce manipulation as much as you can (e.g., a daily bun is not as much manipulation as redoing twists nightly.).

2. When you shampoo or co-wash your hair, work your strands in the same direction.  The uniform cleansing method will reduce the risk of tangled hair, which will also limit the amount of manipulation to your hair.

3. Make sure that your hair is sectioned appropriately for styling.  If you work with sections that are too large, you may have to detangle more and/or start over (which means more manipulation).

4. Make sure that your hair is adequately moisturized prior to styling.  Hair that is not properly moisturized is more difficult to style.  It usually has to be combed or brushed more to be put into a desired style.  Hair that is moisturized as necessary is easier to style.

5. Try finger detangling.  Your fingers are typically not as rough as hair tools.  Plus, finger detangling allows you to gently remove knots, snags, and shed hair.


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