Honey, let them GO!

By Alea Jay

Naturally we all want healthy, beautiful curls. I mean, that’s why we do all of this, right? Ordinary women from all over the globe are becoming professional “mix-tresses” and the Madame C.J Walkers of our time for the love of a healthy, show-stopping head of hair! One thing that we’ve all discovered is healthy hair will grow! In fact, ALL HAIR WILL GROW! You’re buying all of the right products, whether it’s because you’re a naturalista on the hunt for the healthiest leave-in or because your favorite YouTubers favorite YouTuber uses that product. You know you’re taking all of the right steps but your length checks are getting more frequent and less exciting every other week.

I’m here to make a confession- I love my hair! But don’t we all? Don’t we all love to see the proof of our efforts and the milestones of length we celebrate? Of course we do! But leaving those “bad ends” to slowly damage a gorgeous head of hair just isn’t worth the sacrifice you will have to make for hanging on just to stretch that next length check. Not sure if your ends are damaged? Here’s how to check!

1.     Are your ends dry or brittle?

2.     Can you see through the ends of your hair?

3.     When braiding your hair, does it get drastically narrow towards the ends?

4.     Do you use excessive heat or straighten your hair without using a heat protectant?

5.     Are your ends split?

6.     Do you have single strand knots?

7.     Are your ends unresponsive to your products?

8.     Does a basic twist out/braid out just not agree with you anymore?

These are all questions that you can ask yourself when checking for damage. Holding on to ends that are no longer healthy usually stunts the growth of your hair and often times causes breakage! And one thing I know for sure is we’re not trying to go backwards on our journeys. Remember it is always best to have your hair trimmed by a professional with the proper procedures and tools. Household scissors and kitchen scissors are not the right tools to use if your goal is to trim DIY style! Remember to deep condition the hair and seal the ends as always but especially after a fresh trim to keep the new ends healthy as long as possible. Getting rid of your damaged ends will promote healthy hair growth and bring the shine back to those dull, lifeless ends. 

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