#1 Tip For All Curl Patterns

By Alea Jay

Does it make your hair look silky smooth? Does it stop shrinkage in its tracks? (Of course it doesn’t.) Does it define curls and promise a head of hair congruent to Tracee Ellis Ross to every budding natural, even with a 4c texture? Hey, we’ve all seen it! And while the brightly colored container of useless $12 goop might say it does all of these great yet fanciful things, we all know better… RIGHT?

I think we can all agree that black hair is a science. The new and upcoming cultivators of the healthiest products for all hair types, 3a, 4c-- are scientists. Not manufacturers. Lately I’ve been in an encounter on a concurrent basis with this quote: Invent the things you wish existed. Well kudos to the lady or gentleman that created the need for an ingredients list. We run into a constant struggle about the effects of products on one head of hair and a completely adverse affect on another curl pattern. For those of us looking for healthy and long hair it can be a gamble. Yes, the products we are using now are great, but is there something better? Better for the overall health of our hair individually? Every natural knows learning your hair is the very first thing you need to do before going product crazy or falling into the junkie craze!

Manufacturers of the products you use on a daily basis often spend time in the selling process rather than creating a great product. The best tip any natural can follow is to READ THE INGREDIENTS! Some of your favorite products include materials such as castor oil, mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum), petrolatum and several more! They even contain drying agents such as witch-hazel, isopropanol and ethanol, which literally vacuum the moisture from your tresses.

Just one result of not reading ingredients can be buying a product to combat dry hair, using the product, which contains alcohol (which dries the hair extremely), running out of the product after using it so long, then purchasing it again and again!  You think you have a moisture deficiency and the product is actually counterintuitive! It works against you!

Curly Love: Write down a list of ingredients that work great for you, and travel with it! In no time you will be choosing better, smarter, healthier products like a kinky curly pro!

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