Weather the curls

By Terina Smith

What do you do to satisfy your curls between frigid winter and cool spring time? The fluctuation of these seasons can cause intense dryness. Itchy scalp, breakage and other annoying side effects come with the change in temperature. Prevent stunting your hair growth with these methods, and keep your hair moisturized during fluctuating seasons.

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Keeping your ends protected in the elements is essential. Weaves, wigs and up-dos are styles that allow you to retain moisture. Simply wearing a silk scarf or stylish hat when you’re having a bad hair day can shield your curls.

A do-it-yourself spritz of half glycerin, half water (with a couple drops of essential oils of your choice) functions as an activator before you seal your hair with oil or cream. The spritz can be followed by the application of light oil such as avocado, almond or jojoba. Refreshing your hair every 2-3 days with this spritz and oil combination will combat the drop in temperature.

Deep conditioning treatments are definitely encouraged at least twice a month as well. Staying moisturized is the name of the game.

For other ideas on ways to protect your hair, check out this video by Janell Stewart: 

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