The Upside of "Boring" Hair Care

By Erma W.

The natural hair care boom has presented us with a plethora of products, styles, and techniques.  The numerous options can make us feel as if we are boring for not partaking in most or all of them, but being a “bore” has its advantages.

 Photo: The dour hair salon

Photo: The dour hair salon

1. The “boring” route may actually be better for your hair.  When it comes to hair care, boring often means that you are performing the same acts repeatedly (using the same hair products, creating the same hairstyles, etc.). Although you may be tempted to try that new product or technique, the boring sameness may be best for your hair.  Sometimes, our hair rebels because we are introducing too many new elements to it so often.  You may want to use three new products and employ two new techniques during a single hair session, but your hair might disagree.  If your hair is breaking when it wasn’t before or drier than it usually is, your hair is saying “no.”  Listen to your hair. 

2. Being “boring” can be a time-saver.  Many interesting techniques may be time-consuming.  Who really has time to complete an hour-long prepoo followed by a 45-minute steam treatment followed by an oil rinse and a roller set or blow dry?  Even if you have the time, do you really want to do all that? A routine saves time because you know what you are doing and what products you are using each time you care for your hair.  No guesswork=happy hair (and a happier you if you look at the big picture. Are you really happy when your hair isn’t?).

3. Being “boring” isn’t boring.  Why must you try every product and technique? Why must you depart (even temporarily) from the hairstyle that you love and is not stressful to your hair?  Who made those rules?  If you love it and it works for your hair, it’s not boring; it’s what best for you.

Here’s to redefining “boring” and doing what’s best for you!

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