How to Get Through the Awkward Hair Stage

By Erma W.

One of the best things about having hair is styling it.  Creating hairstyles for special occasions, to try out a new look, or for those “just because” moments is so much fun.  For some naturals, the joy of experimenting with new looks is overshadowed by being in the awkward stage:  when the hair is too long to be considered to be a TWA but it’s not yet a BAA. That in-between phase can be frustrating because it does not allow room to construct all of the styles in magazines.  However, the awkward stage includes hairdo options.  Here are a few suggestions:

1.  The “outs”:  Whether it’s a braid out, twist out, or bantu knot out, “out” styles are always go-to looks that can render a casual or dressy look.  Opt for larger sections if you want a looser wave, or stick with smaller parts if you want tight curls.  Throw in some perm or flexirods for extra volumes (a great option for naturals with low density).

2.  Bantu knots and twists:  A major plus about bantu knots and twists is that they can be kept in the hair for a few days.  These styles are great rainy-day options, and they are easy to maintain (moisturize and seal ends, put on a scarf, and done).  Twist and twirl your way to stylish fun.

3.  Pin-ups:  Pin-ups are a wise choice for in-between hair lengths because they protect the ends from drying out or brushing against your clothes.  Also, they are good indicators of how much your hair has grown.  You’ll discover that you are able to create styles that you previously could not.  Plus, there’s a suitable pin-up for every occasion, so your choice is never out of place.

Bonus:  Spice up your look with some dazzling hair candy when you’re feeling “blah” about your hair.  Sometimes a dash of sparkle is all you need.

Most importantly, embrace and enjoy all of your hair’s stages!

I'sha GainesComment