Nighttime Hair Options

By Erma W.

Head scarves are staples in many naturalistas' nighttime routines.  As relied upon as they are, head scarves can also be complications.  Some naturals have a hard time keeping the scarves on their heads, while others dislike the way the headwear detracts from their sex appeal.  Protecting the hair while keeping your look sexy doesn't have to be unrealistic.  Here are some ways to beautifully care for your tresses:


1.  Keep it fashionable!  Take an honest inventory of your scarf.  Is the thread uniformly in place, or has it begun to split?  Is the color vibrant or faded?  A worn scarf can definitely dull the sexiness.  If your scarf is on its last thread, spice up your indoor nightlife with a new and fashionable headscarf.  A fun and funky print can turn boring into bangin'.

2.  It's all in the tie!  Elevate your nighttime hair fashion by adjusting the way you tie your scarf.  If you fold the scarf into a medium-sized strip, most of your hair will be uncovered and you can tie the scarf into a super-cute bow.  This option works best if you are wearing an updo to bed.

3.  Embrace the satin and silk pillowcases.  Head coverings aren't for everyone.  If you do a lot of tossing and turning at night, your scarf probably spends more time between the sheets or on the floor than it does on your head.  For those of you who lose your head scarves due to self-induced nighttime rumbles, satin or silk pillowcases may be your best option.  They allow you (and your hair) to be as free as you wanna be.

Here's hoping these tips make your nighttime routine more satisfying! Bonnets by Eboni Bonnets!

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