Bed-Head Revival

By Erma W.

Let's face it: tiredness happens.  Its habitual visits are lengthened by the daily stresses of life. We fight it as much as we can, but fatigue overcomes us eventually. When it does, our hair is affected along with the rest of our bodies.  That oh-so-chic 'do suddenly becomes the hair edition of a pancake.
You can combat bed-head.  Here are some revival tips and styles :

1. When you're in a rush, pin it up. I started with the most hectic hair scenario because we often panic unnecessarily during these times. Waking up late doesn't have to mean an unflattering hair day. Give bed-head the boot with an updo. Pin-and-tucks, twists, and braids that are held together with a beautiful clip are always great options.

2. If you have time to spare, put your stylers to work. Our hair products are beloved to us because of their ability to make our tresses smile. A dab of pomade or gel can give your braids and twists a dazzling pop of sheen, and a snow-cone size of conditioner can take your desired style to new levels of "wow". Grab your favorite styler and work a sassy high puff or bun.

3. If you don't feel like styling your hair but don't want to wear a hat, fluff it out. We've all been here. We want to go out, but our hair isn't done.  We don't feel like doing our hair, but any option that requires us not to wear our real hair isn't an option. What do we do? Fluff, fluff, and fluff some more. It's the ultimate quick and cute hair solution.

Congratulations on your future win in the bed-head battle:  you've got this!

I'sha GainesComment