Three Ways To Add Eggs To Your Regimen

By Erma W.

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We beautynistas know that some of our best look- and feel-good products reside in our kitchens.  However, there are so many household beauty agents that we sometimes forget about the common gems.  This post is dedicated to the oval-shaped wonders better known as eggs.  The low-calorie count of eggs is great for the figure, while their protein-packed goodness strengthens and conditions the hair.  If your hair needs a serving of protein power, read on for three ways to fortify your tresses.

1. Using the whole egg.  If your hair is moderately dry, you can use the entire egg to condition your hair.  Liberally apply one egg (or more depending on your hair’s length) to clean, damp hair.  Let it sit for 20 minutes.  Rinse with cold water to avoid the egg from cooking on your head.  This treatment can be applied once per month (Woman's Day).

2. Using the egg whites.  The extra oily heads can treat their hair to just the egg whites for natural nourishment.  Start with a half-cup of egg whites and add more as or if needed.  This treatment can be applied every two weeks, so feel free to lather it on lovingly.

3. Using the egg yolks.  To all the members of the dry-haired crew, the egg yolks are for you.  Send brittle hair packing with an egg yolk hair mask.  Dampen your hair so that the yolk adheres to your hair well.  Pay extra attention to the parched sections of your head.  Rinse with cold water and repeat every month.

Bonus:  Eat ‘em! Each egg contains 3.6 to 6.5 grams of protein.  That’s a great helping of healthy for your body and hair!

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