The Edibles

By Erma W.

Soft. Colorful. Aromatic.  These sensory elements that we use to describe our favorite foods can also be descriptors for the products we apply to our hair.  Similarly, our favorite foods can also be our best hair products.  Many of our edible friends provide wholesome nourishment for our precious strands.  Here are some of the honorable rock stars:

1.  Honey:  This thick, dark-colored sweetener does so much more than amp the deliciousness factor of our tea and biscuits.  Honey draws moisture to our hair with its humectant properties.  It’s also a great shine agent.  Pick up a jar and have some sticky hair fun.

2.  Aloe Vera Juice:  The powerful body-cooler is just as popular in its hair-helping roles.  Aloe vera juice is a top choice in hair care because of its great moisturizing abilities.  Fill a spray bottle and give your hair a few spritzes of aloe vera juice to discover the extent of its greatness.  Your hair will continually thank you.  Additionally, the good juice is also a pH balancer, so it helps to keep those cuticles closed and retain moisture for longer periods.

3.  Oils:  No matter which ones you choose, oils have plenty to offer.  They make wonderful dressings (almond oil is my favorite salad topper), and their hair attributes are pretty spectacular too.  You can seal in moisture, add a glossy finish, nourish your strands, and accelerate hair growth with oils.  If you’d like to fortify your hair, incorporate wheat germ, safflower, sunflower, grapeseed, or sesame seed oils into your regimen and smile at the improvement to your tresses.


There’s so much that food can do for your hair.  Explore and enjoy!

I'sha GainesComment