Wearing Your Santa Hat

By: Delores Hurst, HBN Writer

Wearing Your Santa Hat

Some Christmas lovers really hold onto the Christmas spirit by getting emerged in little traditions, little decorations, or outfits.  That can be fun and also bring cheer to so many others. One cheerful item that is always popular is the Santa hat. So many people love to wear the Santa hat, but as a fro wearing naturalist, it may be a little difficult. Hard as it may seem, wearing your hat isn’t impossible, so here are some general ideas so you can still participate in your Christmas tradition.

1.     Braiding or twisting you hair: Place your hair in a few scalp braids or if you have the time, place a few individual twists or braids in your hair. The hat will fit with you hair being tucked into these protective styles.  

2.     Straightening you hair: Always the route to go, straightening your hair is a guarantee that that Santa hat will fit perfectly, but watch out for sweating and hat hair because it can quickly turn tragic for naturalists. If you don’t want to go fully straight, you can always do a twist out and finger comb your hair down.

3.     Re-working the hat: If you are adamant about wearing your mini fro or your big fro, the best idea is to find different ways to place and pin your hat. If you have to, there is nothing wrong with going a little bigger in hat size.  Also a great idea is the tucking method. Check out this video…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgnnftMky1Y

4.     Finding the Santa hat alternative:  If all else fails, find a hat with the right colors and rock it. A good alternative would be a beanie or fitted cap. It may not be traditional, but it still may represent that Christmas spirit to the world.

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