New Year, New You!

By: Delores Hurst , HBN Writer

Want to have a few hair resolutions, but no clue where to start? Well here's a few ideas about entering into 2014 with a plan for bigger and better hair.

1. Year Of growth: This can be the year you decide you're tired of the pace your hair is growing. Take some time to research techniques about hair from braiding and twisting ideas to cleaning and moisturizing.

2. Moisturizing plan: You may have been a little lackluster in your moisturizing routine. A good resolution is to start moisturizing more and remembering to take the time to do it. Moisture is needed for hair growth and overall health.

3. Setting a regimen: This can be your year to discipline yourself to set a regimen of protective styling, washing, and moisturizing. Stick to it! Some people don't like the structure of a regimen, but for others this could be the best solution for maximum growth.

4. Defining curls: Having those perfect set of curls that fall just right takes time and preparation. This can be your year to train your hair to fall the way you want it to. You may not be able to change your curl pattern, but you can make it the one you have work for you.

5. Learning more about hair: The number one resolution should be to learn more and more about your hair. Take time to watch videos, read, or find out about new products and trends. Your natural hair should never be neglected and not learning about your curl pattern and texture can be neglect. Know your hair so you can grow your hair.

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