Real Talk: The effects of stress on your hair

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

There are many levels of stress. There is the good stress that helps you accomplish goals and gives you the effort to be more ambitious. Then there is the stress that creates worry. The stress that causes you to feel like you cannot breathe of handle yourself in certain situations. Too much of that stress is bad for your health and can definitely take a toll on your hair. Some people use their hair as a relaxation method. By pulling and twisting it, it helps relieve some of the pressure from that bad stress. This should not happen. By tugging in your hair, you are damaging your roots and can serious damage and dryness.

Next, there is the natural falling of hair from stress. Because of stress, your body tends to stay alert and anxious. You can become restless. That lack of relaxation can cause your hair to become weak like many other parts of your body. The weakness can cause thinning and hair breakage. Finally, stress can cause neglect. Your stress can easily turn into depression and sickness. Because you body is in a new, unhappy state, your mood and you needs change. You can become too busy or too nonchalant about the proper upkeep of your hair, eventually causing your hair damage. The best thing to do when it comes to stress is to think. Ask yourself where the stress is coming from, determine if it is good stress or bad, then try to relieve the stress by taking care of what is causing it. For long term stresses life, school and work, the best thing is to breathe, take it one day at a time and slow your daily routine down to a level that is great for you.

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