Celebrity Spotlight: Esperanza Spalding

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Grammy award musician Esperanza Spalding is a woman who goes after what she wants. Starting from the age of fours, Spalding was interested in classical music and training. Because of this passion, according to her website, she taught herself the violin and was able to land a spot in an Oregon based orchestra. After 10 years, Spalding at 15 decided she wanted something more. She quit high school, got her GED and went to college. By age 20, she had a degree, teaching experience and prepared herself to make another move into jazz performance. Spalding began to perform accompany other big named musicians and soon found her own way.

Like her music and learning approaches, Spalding’s hair is very strong and different. Rocking her huge Afro, Spading told Curly Nikki that is her go to hairstyle. She says she is most likely identifiable by her hair. She said she has been natural all her life. She said,” That's how it grows out of my scalp. Having big natural hair makes me stand out to people at first take. I think of myself as an artist, as a musician, and I'm happy that my hair is just one more way that I can express myself.” Spalding’s hair experience has taught her to keep her type 4 hair clean by washing it once a week and making sure that is stays moisture and placed in a protective style when she is not performing. She is currently promoting new music and presenting her new video “We Are America.”


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