Real Talk: The Afro Perm (Straight to Curly)

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

A very interesting hair technique is starting to bloom. The idea of taking your hair from straight to curly isn’t new to hair. We’ve done a little research and discovered that there’s an Afro perm that transform your hair from straight to Afro. This is also isn’t a new concept. Many white women in the 50s beyond would place a “perm” on their hair to create a permanent curl. Now, Asian hair producers have taken it a step further. They have created the Afro perm. With the Afro perm, a person with naturally “silky” straight hair can permanently have course and coily Afro-styled hair. Some hair opinionates find that it’s actually flattering to think there are some people who are trying to place a perm in their hair to have black hair vs. black people placing perms in theirs to get straight hair.

The style was created so that East Asian women and men can have the diversity to braid and style their hair similar to African Americans. They were highly influenced by the Reggae and Hip Hop cultures and wanted to mirror the images. To create the look, a stylist would cut straight hair into a style, then place small perm rods in the hair to create a tight curl. From that, they cut around the curl to shape the head. Finally, they would tease the tight curls into an Afro. To read more about the “Afro Perm” Google to term and explore the articles that appear.

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