Celebrity Spotlight: Kim Wayans

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Imagine having naturally curly hair that you’ve embraced from the beginning. Imagine never transition from perms back to your natural state. Actress Kim Wayans is a woman who has rocked her natural hair from jump. She told Curly Nikki, “I've never had a perm. My mom didn't have that. She was all about loving you natural hair.” Wayans said when she turned 18 and decided to keep her hair natural. She didn’t want any chemicals in her tresses. While in college and at the start of her career, she wore braids to maintain her hair.

 Wayans then wanted a change. She was tired of the wear and tear of braiding and said she no longer wanted to be a slave to it. She decided she would learn more about styling her hair and begin to try different hair products and techniques - something she couldn’t do as a teen. From her research, she has created a hair routine that keeps her long 4a hair in tact. Her hair has become a part of who she is as an actor. Her 2011 film Pariah helped her, and the creators make a statement. Every woman involved with that film was natural and that made her proud. Currently, Wayans is the new addition to The Soul Man sitcom and filming a TV movie. To know more about Kim’s hair regimen, visit http://www.curlynikki.com/2011/12/kim-wayans.html

 Image Source:  thenikkithomasnetwork.com  
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