Celebrity Spotlight: Lisa Bonet

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

When Actress Lisa Bonet played Denise on The Cosby Show and in A Different World, she had the hair that causes most women to envy. With her soft curls, her hair was versatile and it was strong. Lisa Bonet’s was and still is an example of how natural hair can be healthy, beautiful, and changeable. Bonet’s style has always been a bohemian grunge and as an adult, she has become even more content with her style choice. She is bold and daring when it comes to her hair whether wearing it partially dreaded or partially shaved.

In 2012, she embraced her age and wore her gray in a side shaved dreaded style. She not only follows her own set of rules if fashion, but she taught her oldest daughter Zoe Kravitz how to be and individual in Hollywood. She is bringing up her youngest two with the same mindset. Although she stays out of the Hollywood limelight, Bonet is still acting and currently in gear to start promoting her new movie that just completed production.

 Image Source: bonet-  listal.com

Image Source: bonet- listal.com

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