Box Braids!

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Box braids have become one of the most protective styles among naturalists. It was a look made popular in the 90s by Singers Brandy and Janet Jackson. In Summer 2012, they made a reappearance by Singer Solange and later by her sister Beyonce thus creating a wave of popularity among hair enthusiasts. The is a great way for you to protect your hair for a length of time and if properly maintained. That length of time can be 2 months.  It is a style that can give you a new and fresh look while creating the opportunity for you to practice styling.

Before having these braids done, you must have clean and moisturized hair. This will help the application of them go smoother and will help avoid breakage. It will also prevent your hair from becoming dirty quickly. Box braids, like all other braids can put some strain on the hair, which is why your hair should to be properly maintained and strong before wearing the added extensions. When braided, the added hair can be heavy and can tug on your scalp which is why it is important to continue moisturizing while the braids are in. As you hair grow, there has to be proper upkeep and maintenance. Box braids are a very popular and great style to try, but do it when you know your hair can handle it.


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